Adjustable pallet racking (APR)

Adjustable Pallet Racking

APR (Adjustable Pallet Racking) is the standard solution for storing palletised goods. It the racking you see in most warehouses and wholesalers and is available in many heights, depths and configurations depending on the space you have available and the nature of the products you are storing. It is a relatively cheap method of bulk storage and if warehouse operatives  are properly trained it will last for many years.  APR is usually static and accessed with a fork lift.

There are several ways to layout APR including high density narrow aisle systems and double deep racking as below. 

Double deep pallet racking

Double Deep Racking 

A common layout is runs of back to back bays (as in picture above) where from each aisle the forklift can access a run at either side and pick easily from there.  For a higher density option double deep racking can be used where two back to back runs are placed together reducing the number of aisles required in the given area.  A disadvantage can be that not all pallets are instantly accessible but for low SKU or pallets in high rotation this could easily be compensated for by the increase in pallet locations.  In order to reach the inner beam levels special forklifts with telescopic forks are used to access the second pallet.  


Our experts will advise if this is the most suitable system for your specific products and working environment and we will work through the perfect system layout for your specific requirements. We can supply deliver and install from start to finish.

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