Pallet Live

Pallet live

Our pallet live storage systems (or dynamic pallet racking) use a gravity-fed design whereby pallets are loaded onto inclined roller tracks. Products are loaded from one side and collected from the other on a first-in, first-out (FIFO) basis. This is particularly beneficial for goods with expiration dates or time-sensitive inventory. The system minimises the need for manual handling and reduces the risk of errors and labor costs associated with restocking. Pallet live storage also optimises space utilisation by eliminating the need for multiple aisles.

Pallet Live
Dynamic pallet racking


  • Efficient use of space compared to conventional pallet racking as only 2 aisles are required.
  • First-In, First-out inventory control ensures shelf life is preserved for time sensitive goods.
  • Reduced handling costs by minimising pick distances and times.


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