Our Sectors

Whatever sector you work in, whether you are storing pallets, boxes or loose items large or small we will work with you towards the perfect system, through selection, design and installation our team will be with you every step of the way.

Warehousing and Logistics for Industry

Successful Manufacturing and logistics industries rely on well-organised warehousing, storage and fulfilment facilities. This is achieved by maximising floor space and creating a safe and high-performing environment which fits seamlessly into overall processes and workflows. We have over 40 years experience in warehouse installations and will guide you through every stage from design to implementation.

Retail & e-commerce

Our versatile retail storage systems are designed to be fully adjustable in order to fulfil fast changing storage requirements. From pallet racking with garment storage to multi-tier structures to maximise your vertical space, we offer a variety of innovative solutions whatever your product.

Food & Drink

We provide tailored solutions across the food and drink supply chain from small holding areas to bulk storage, including production plant storage areas, factory units and shelving and racking systems suitable for cold stores.


Healthcare environments have their own unique challenges and and often a greater need for control and security.  Our mobile and static shelving systems are designed to make access and storage safe and easy. All our shelving is finished with ActiveCoat antimicrobial powder coating.

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Parts for the automotive industry come in all shapes and sizes so having well laid out and flexible storage solutions is essential.  We help to maximise the potential of your business by providing secure storage where stock can be quickly and safely accessed.

Archive Storage

Whatever the nature of document or item storage required we can provide the solution with a wide range of static, mobile and even multi-tiered shelving options with walkways to maximise your vertical space

Museums & Heritage

We work with archivists, collection managers and curators to find the best storage solutions for unique and valuable pieces.  Many of our systems come in a choice of metal or wood units to match your aesthetic. Our Stormor Duo shelving is ideal where storage needs to conform to BS 4971:2017 Conservation and Care of Archive and Library Collections.

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