Our racking systems are designed around your specific requirements based on your products and working practices. We provide and install standard adjustable pallet racking, drive in and drive through systems, cantilever racking, push back and pallet live systems.


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Adjustable Pallet Racking

Standard APR (Adjustable Pallet Racking) is the standard solution for storing palletised goods. Available in many heights, depths and configurations depending on the space you have available and the nature of the products you are storing. Standard APR is usually static and accessed with a fork lift.

Our sales team will advise on the best system for your needs whether its standard APR or a more dynamic system.

Narrow Aisle Racking

Narrow aisle pallet racking or very narrow aisle (VNA) systems maximise available space by utilising narrower aisles and specialised forklifts, helping you maximise the available space and increasing storage capacity by up to 40% compared to standard APR.

Drive in Racking

Drive-in pallet racking maximises storage density by eliminating the need for multiple aisles, allowing forklifts to enter and retrieve pallets from the same entry point. This design is suitable for storing large quantities of the same product. Drive-in racking also enhances inventory control by facilitating the First-In-Last-Out (FILO) method, making it ideal for products with a consistent turnover rate.

Drive-through pallet racking allows forklifts to access pallets from both sides of the racking structure, enabling a First-In-First-Out (FIFO) inventory management approach enhancing stock rotation and minimising the risk of product obsolescence.

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Pallet Live

Pallet live storage systems use a gravity-fed design where the pallets sit on inclined roller tracks. Products are loaded from one side and collected from the other on a first-in, first-out (FIFO) basis. This is particularly beneficial for goods with expiration dates or time-sensitive inventory. The system minimises the need for manual handling, reducing the risk of errors and labor costs associated with restocking. Pallet live storage also optimises space utilisation by eliminating the need for multiple aisles.

Rack Supported Structures

Rack supported structures or pick towers create a robust platform for storing goods across various levels. By utilising the vertical space, rack supported structures effectively increase storage capacity without the need for extensive floor expansion. This is particularly advantageous for facilities with height allowances but limited ground area. Pick towers can create between 1 and 5 additional levels and incorporate packing and office areas.

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking offers an ideal storage solution for items with irregular shapes, lengths, or sizes. Its open design and adjustable arms provide flexible storage options, enabling easy accommodation of long or bulky items such as pipes, timber, profiles and furniture. This system ensures efficient space utilisation by eliminating the need for vertical obstructions like columns or front supports. Additionally, the accessible and visible layout enhances inventory management, streamlines order picking processes, and reduces the risk of damage during loading and unloading. Cantilever racking’s adaptability, coupled with its sturdy construction, makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor storage needs.

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